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Anonymous said,
"omg i get so excited whenever i find active meg & dia blogs i miss them so much it hurts"

Haha hey Anon, we’re not as active as we used to be, but we post every now and then.

And I’m sure we miss them as much as you do! It pains me to think about them being gone sometimes hahaha.

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posted 4 months ago

Roses:  The Meg & Dia Story - Part 2

Check out the second half of a MaD documentary created by @thelatebus! (Part 1 is here)

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Dia Frampton’s new song

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Roses: The Meg & Dia Story - Part 1

It’s here! ”Roses: The Meg & Dia Story” is a two-part documentary series that covers the band Meg & Dia. The documentary uses performances and Youtube clips to tell the band’s story. Enjoy! Please follow the Youtube Channel to stay updated. Please share this with as many mAd fans as you can!

Part 2 coming Friday, May 9th

Hey guys! Long time no talk, but y’all should check this documentary about Meg and Dia that just came out! Hope all is well!

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posted 4 months ago
thelatebus said,
"Hey there! Have you seen my Meg & Dia documentary, "Roses"? Its up on my blog"

No I have not! I will go and check that out now!