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thelostcloudydreamer said,
"Hi girls! I'm an old boardie from the Something Real days and I've been a fan since then. Do you know if there's an active forum or place for the MaD/DF/TKS fans? I'm missing those days and I feel the urge to talk with fellow fans about certain songs and some unreleased Dia songs and future projects."

The boards aren’t currently active (sucks, I know), but there is a facebook group full of Frampton fans. 

Request to join IGJ4Life and someone should approve you to join! They’re a wonderful group of people.

- Alyce

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Dia Frampton - Stranger Things (Live at The Hotel Cafe)

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Dia Frampton - Live online concert from StageIt

1. How to Say Goodbye
2. Footsteps
3. Is Everybody Sad
4. Isabella
5. Yellow Butterfly
6. One Sail (Demo Version)
7.  Wagon Wheel (Cover)

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Dia Frampton - “Radioactive” (Imagine Dragons cover)